So what does a VCE geography exam look like?
2011 exam
2011 exam suggested answers

Assessment item 1: King's Mapping
Spatial Concept
Not shown
Shown to a satifactory standard
Shown to a high standard

3 marks

2 marks
Spatial change
over time

2 marks
Spatial association

1 mark

2 marks

2 marks

2 marks
BOLTSS (map 1)

3 marks
BOLTSS (map 2)

3 marks

Assessment item 2: Coastal Animation

Your aim is to create an animation, stop-motion clip or other form of media to show your understanding of a coastal process. Your animation will be used to educate the rest of the class on the topic. Topic areas include; weathering and erosion, wave and wind action, or tides. You must research your topic using your textbook and oxford atlas as a starting point. You should also find other sources of information from reliable websites.

Did not use media to explain topic.
Satisfactory use of media to explain the topic.
Creative explanation of the topic. Media enhanced the presentation.
Creative explanation of the topic.
Outstanding use of media to present the topic.
Subject Content
Demonstrates little to no understanding of the coast process.
Demonstrates a satisfactory understanding of the coastal process.
Demonstrates a good understanding of the coastal process.
Demonstrates a strong understanding of the coastal process.

Did not conduct research.
Conducted some research into the topic.
Conducted thorough research into the topic
Limited to no references given
Included a ranged of references
Presentation to class
Did not present
Satisfactory presentation of topic to class.
Informative and engaging presentation of topic to class.

Here are two examples of this looking at rock formation, the first is the instructional guide given to the students and the second is one of the students pieces of work.

Assessment item 3: Warrnambool Foreshore Fieldwork

SAC report instructions

Assessment 4: Volcanic Envirnments Test

Assessment item 5: Tower Hill Fieldwork

Human Environments
Unit 2 Assessment:

Unit 2 Practice SACs suggested answers, please note that these are not the only correct answers. Also there will be spelling and grammar mistakes as it within exam time limits.