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Beach — the sandy or pebbly land at the edge of a sea, lake or river
Cliff — a high,steep,rocky slope formed by erosion or earth movements
Climate - the average weather conditions throughout the seasons over a fairly wide area of the earth's surface, concidered over many years.
Confluencea place where two rivers join
Delta — a flat area of deposited material at the mouth of a river that divides the river into small streams
Deposition - (sedimentation) the process of laying down material
Drainage basin — the area drained by a river and its tributaries
Erosion - the process of wearing away the land surface by running water, ice, waves, wind, and corrosion, the material is removed/ transported
Escarpment — an extended ridge of highland often with a steep slope on one side and a gentle slope on the other
Hill— a raised part of the Earth's surface;smaller than a mountain
Lake — a large area of water surrounded by land. In arid areas the water in the lake can completely evaporate to form a salt lake.
Meander — the loops in a river caused by fast water eroding the outside of the bend and slower water depositing material on the inside of the bend
Mouth – where the river opens up to the sea,it is the end of the river
Mountain — land that is much higher than its surroundings; larger than a hill
Mountain range — most mountains are arranged in groups known as ranges
Ocean — large areas of salt water that surround the continents
Peninsula — a piece of land almost surrounded by water but still connected to the mainland
Plateau — an extensive area of flat land that is higher than the land around it
River — a stream of fresh water that flows in a natural channel into a larger river, lake or sea
Sedimentation -the downwards movement of finely divided solid particles through a fluid
Sourcewhere the river begins, most commonly in the mountains.
Tributary — a stream or river that contributes to another (usually larger) river
U-Shaped Valleya valley which has slower water flowing through it, flatter slope
V-Shaped Valleya valley which has fast water flowing through it, steep slope
Valley — low land between hills or mountains that usually has a river flowing through it
Waterfall — a steep fall of water from a height that cascades over hard rock onto a section of eroded land below
Watershed — high land between two drainage basins.Water flows in different directions on either side.
Weather - the conditions of the atmosphere over a short period of time
Weathering- process by which rocks are broken down or disitegrated, there is no transportation involved.